Cordless 18v Inverter Vacuum Pump

R32 Compliant


Price: $635.00

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Tech specs

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Compact, Lightweight, Cordless 18v Inverter Vacuum Pump R32 Compliant
Flow Rate: 4.5CGM, 127L/Min
Dual Stage
Inlet Port ¼” & 3/8”


Specification of Power Supply: 18V

Dimension and Weight

Product weight: 6 kg
Product size (L x W x H): Dimensions 364 x 118 x 279mm

Package Contents

1 x Cordless Vacuum pump
1 x Battery (Spares available)
1 x Charger
Lockable Carry case


Extremely happy customer Ross couldn’t resist but shoot this video to show just how powerful and efficient it is..

This is one light, compact and cordless Inverter Vac Pump! Being a cordless pump makes this unit convenient in places where electrical power is not available or difficult to access. Designed to suit the needs of air conditioning technicians when evacuating a system suitable for small residential air conditioning, vehicle air conditioning and appliances such as refrigerators and freezers.

Bought this vac pump a few months back and to be honest, for a battery vac pump it packs a punch. I mainly use for roof installations where running a lead is painful. Saves a lot of time and hasn’t skipped a beat.
Adam Mills Coldcube Air Con and Refrigeration
Had this vac pump at least six months now and it’s one of the best tools in my van. I use it everyday, it’s great for when your on a roof doing a split system or a small cool room and there is no power point. Doing a simple back to back install or a self contained fridge it pulls down to 500 microns in no time. Even when there is 240v available I still find myself using this one purely because it’s so light and quiet it doesn’t make sense to get my heavy/noisy one out the van. Highly recommend it.
Ross Bennett HVAC Plumber
``Just sending and email through for a first impressions sort of thing on the vac pump I purchased. Hands down best investment I've made so far. It's so easy to use. Battery lasts long enough for me to be able to vac down approximately 2 split systems to below 500 microns with larger diameter hoses straight off the 3/8 port and a core removal tool. Some installs I have been able to watch it vac down to regulation levels within 5 minutes. I'm very impressed with it. I have been posting praise of it all over my social media so far, and believe everyone within the domestic/commercial gig should have one on hand.``
Jamie Perth - Australia