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If your home, office, warehouse or apartment building has a split system or air conditioning units where no drain exists, then you need an OUTDOOR Condensate “HEATER TRAY”.


I have given the vac pump and the reclaim unit a fair bit of work now and both are withstanding my punishment.
I'm about to order more parts.
I love all the products I purchased.
Greg GJK Electrics
Bought this vac pump a few months back and to be honest, for a battery vac pump it packs a punch. I mainly use for roof installations where running a lead is painful. Saves a lot of time and hasn’t skipped a beat.
Adam Mills Coldcube Air Con and Refrigeration
It’s one of the best tools in my van. I use it everyday, it’s great for when your on a roof doing a split system or a small cool room and there is no power point. Doing a simple back to back install or a self contained fridge it pulls down to 500 microns in no time. Even when there is 240v available I still find myself using this one purely because it’s so light and quiet it. Highly recommend it.
Ross Bennett HVAC Plumber
``Hands down best investment I've made so far. It's so easy to use. Battery lasts long enough for me to be able to vac down approximately 2 split systems to below 500 microns with larger diameter hoses straight off the 3/8 port and a core removal tool. I'm very impressed with it and believe everyone within the domestic/commercial gig should have one on hand.``
Jamie Perth - Australia
`` It's going great so far. I've got severe tennis elbow, so flaring every
day isn't helping. So I found this and thought I'd give it a go, and
it's made a huge difference for my elbows and the quicker time is a
Cory Managing Director - SCC Electrical
``Doctor Cool,
After buy the vac pump and being impressed with it I was now looking for a reclaim unit, my apoin had died and couldn’t warrant spending that amount of money again, so brought the Superstars one and I am so happy with it, its nice and light has a digital display which shows pressures and its quick but what surprised me the most was just how quiet it was, would highly recommend this unit value for money.``
Ross Owner

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